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SONGHANPOS is the exclusive branch of company HANASIS and software company  SOLBIPOS. These are two of the leading companies specialized in manufacturing KOREAN POS (Point of Sales), write software, consulting, installation, maintenance for the system of restaurants, hotels, resorts, supermarkets , golf course, luxury villas ... meet the specific requirements of each company, organization or individual, corporate.
POS machine the company's Songhanpos with the following outstanding features:
- Payments are fast, accurate and comfortable.
- No need to set up codes for each commodity as the other ordinary cash because there was a 15-inch touchscreen. All operations were you selected on the touch screen.
- Invoices are printed by high-speed thermal printer.
- Automatically updated daily sales reports, exported Excel file and print out reports by day, month, year ....
- There are many shops connected together for easy management.
- Management of orders, payments.
- Manage deals, promotions.
- Management members, potential customers of restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes.
- Very easy to use with 15-inch touch screen and Vietnamese languages.
- Unlimited number of tables and commodity management.
- Compact design, luxurious.
- Multiple forms of payment such as cash, credit cards, vocher ....